by Dan Barlow

Key Facts

  • In the past century resource use has increased by a factor of eight and emissions of carbon dioxide by a factor of 11. 

  • The UK spends seven times more on subsidies for fossil fuels than on subsidies for clean energy.

  • Approximately 5% of the UK-wide investment made by the Green Investment Bank to date has been used to support projects in Scotland.

  • The low carbon and renewable energy sector is responsible for 2.4% of the total turnover of the Scottish economy (excluding the financial business sector) and 21,000 full-time equivalent jobs.

For the full chapter, please see: Barlow, D. (2017) Securing a Low Carbon and Circular Economy for Scotland. In Gibb, K., Maclennan, D., McNulty, K., & Comerford, M. (eds) Scottish Economy - A Living Book. London: Routledge. Available via this link.


Figure 11.1: The Growth of Global Demand for Materials