BBC: Scotland's economy grows by 0.1%

"Scotland's economic growth slowed to 0.1% between April and the end of June, the latest official figures show.

The GDP (gross domestic product) figures for the second quarter were down from the 0.6% growth at the start of 2017.

Scotland's first quarter figures were above the equivalent rate for the UK as a whole (0.2%).

However, the second quarter was below the UK rate, which was 0.3%..."

THE SCOTSMAN: Insight: The size of Scotland’s Skills Gap

"As employers ring alarm bells and Brexit looms, Martyn McLaughlin surveys the shortage of staff in key sectors and what is being done to address it.
When Poppy Dennis wrote to education secretary John Swinney last week, urging him to help appoint a dedicated class teacher at her Lochaber school, her letter pinpointed the troubles in recruitment faced by Scotland’s education system, but her opening plea of “Please can you help me” could apply to many sectors of the Scottish economy..."

THE HERALD: North Sea oil and gas production will end withing next decade, academics have warned

"NORTH Sea oil and gas production will cease within a decade, academics have warned.

New research has revealed that just 11 per cent of the UK’s oil reserves, equivalent to 3.3 billion barrels, has still to be recovered and it will run out by 2027.

The Edinburgh University study warns the UK will soon have to import all the oil and gas it requires and will leave the country facing an unprecedented energy crisis. 

Scientists examined the nation’s likely potential for shale gas fracking and carried out a fresh survey of the country’s oil and gas production..."

INSIDER: Fraser of Allander Institute calls on UK Government to give more clarity on Brexit powers coming to Holyrood

"The Fraser of Allander Institute has urged the UK Government to provide more clarity on the powers that will come to Holyrood after Brexit.

The University of Strathclyde's economic think-tank said uncertainty over the negotiations on leaving the EU were the "greatest cloud" on the horizon for the Scottish economy.

The institute's latest commentary said that while Scotland's economy returned to growth in the first quarter of 2017, the improvement was on the back of "an exceptionally weak" last two years..."

THE NATIONAL: Fleeced: Scottish farmers to lose £2 billion in EU funding after Brexit

"SCOTTISH farmers will lose out on £2 billion of funding if European Union subsidies are replaced by a single UK-wide scheme post-Brexit, the SNP have warned.

The party said calculations from Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) revealed that if Scotland received the same per capita funding as the UK average, the reduction in funding for Scotland would be just under €2.3bn.

Agricultural subsidies dominated Scottish debate on Brexit last week after First Secretary of State Damian Green, in effect Theresa May’s deputy, suggested a standard scheme, controlled by Westminster, would be needed to prevent different systems from operating in various parts of the UK..."

THE HERALD: Scottish employment rate hits record high despite squeeze on wages

"EMPLOYMENT in Scotland has reached a record high and joblessness a record low with more than three-quarters of working age adults now in a job.
New figures from the Office of National Statistics show Scotland had the highest employment rate of any part of the UK outside the south-east and south-west of England.
Between May and July, the employment rate rose 1.8 points to a record 75.8 per cent as an extra 49,000 people found work, taking the total to 2,587,000..."

BBC SCOTLAND: Value of Scottish North Sea oil and gas rises by 15.2%

"An increase in production and prices has boosted the value of Scottish North Sea oil and gas, according to new figures.

Official statistics showed oil and gas production in Scotland rose year-on-year by 2.9% in 2016-17 to about 74.7 million tonnes of oil equivalent.

The figure, which represented 82% of total UK production, was the highest since 2011-12.

The approximate sales value was £17.5bn - 15.2% higher than in 2015-16..."