This website exists to accompany the book of the same name, published in July 2017. In today’s inter-connected world, it makes sense to have a book on the Scottish Economy supplemented by online access to important data, information and evidence as a means of attempting to     keep material current.


Our MissioN

1.      To provide links to up-to-date statistical material, including both official and independent sources on the Scottish economy, organised in a similar structure to the chapters in the volume.

2.      To allow space to update and interpret key data as statistics become available (which will also likely include new series). This will range from occasional guest commentaries to updates to chapters, as well as specific sector-level discussions.

3.      To give readers and website users an opportunity to provide additional data, and to suggest different sources and means of visualisation.



 The Scottish Economy book is edited by Kenneth Gibb, Duncan Maclenann, Des McNulty and Michael Comerford. The contributors come from a wide range of different academic backgrounds and fields. 



Covering issues that include oil and gas; the changing role of women; energy and climate change; education; inequality and poverty; fiscal matters; and the changing populations, The Scottish Economy delves into a wide range of contemporary issues from expert angles. 

Both the book and website were created by Policy Scotland at the University of Glasgow.  Policy Scotland’s mission is to both generate and provide a space for local, national and international public policy debates. We aim to foster cooperation between policy makers, academics and practitioners. We aim to pool this collective expertise in order to flesh out new initiatives, test the effectiveness of interventions, generate better evidence and engage a wide variety of audiences.

We Welcome Your Feedback

In order to make sure that we provide the most useful and up-to-date information in easy-to-understand formats, please take the time to let us know what you think and if there is anything that we could to improve. You can also email us via: scottisheconomy[at]

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